xLive it is a professional MIDI control surface specifically designed for Ableton Live.

E-noixer's designers and engineers work hand in hand with the creative user taking care of each and every detail in the product development phase. Such collaboration becomes tangible with the xLive controller:

The high-end design and best in class quality components are blended together providing the musician with complete trust during a live show.

A very important factor to consider while developing a live show controller, is the ease of transportation when traveling. The wooden and anodized aluminum case is specifically designed taking into account the flight regulations' hand luggage weight and size; this makes it really easy to carry together with other live hardware devices.

Another important fact to consider is the live show controller's reliability.

In that sense, the best way of guaranteeing the highest performance, is partnering with the best component's manufacturers to assemble the inside circuits: Brands such as ALPS, MEC and NEUTRIK, guarantee the highest quality, and a long life to its mechanical components such as: pots, push buttons, knobs, etc.

We believe that not only the best music is required to succeed as an artist, but also the best scene setting is also a key element, therefore E-Noixer deeply invest in technological innovation, customizing the device to your needs, not only in the x-live external design (branding, color, marking, etc) but also in the inside.